This event concentrated on the available procurement and contract strategies and how project risks may be allocated between the parties in the contract. We also considered how these strategies and risk allocation can affect the outcome of project delivery. A thorough assessment of risks and value sought, and the parties best able to manage and deliver these, determines the procurement strategy and hence the contract strategy.

The guest speakers were from Dentons, with introductions and discussion led by Ahmad al Ansari, head of the Technical Office in Ashghal, and Don Ward of Constructing Excellence in Qatar. Speakers’ slide decks are available to download below. However, before downloading the slides, please click here to answer a short survey about some of the key issues raised.


Discussion prompted by questions from the audience covered a wide range of topics:

  • how to address quality in the procurement process
  • why are performance bonds still used for consultants’ appointments
  • how to decide on which contract form
  • how market entrants can address their lack of knowledge about local circumstances
  • the best forms of contract for maintenance programmes
  • the early lessons from the private sector’s use of early contractor involvement in Qatar
  • how Ashghal is working with industry bodies and universities to support industry improvement – see here for the link to the upcoming Qatar University conference:
  • how can we make sure we address quality and assure processes.

Part 2 of this event is scheduled for February 24th, but please check back to confirm this date. It will concentrate on the tender process, including the RFP documentation, tender evaluation and award of the contracts.  If you registered for the first event, you do not have to register again, otherwise please click here to register: The event will again be at Ashghal’s Tower 3 starting at 6pm till 8pm.

For any queries about this event please contact Don Ward, Constructing Excellence in Qatar. He is happy to forward emails to other speakers if relevant.
Local mobile: +974 7091 0571. UK mobile/whatsapp: +44 7725 497504. Email:

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